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When One of the Parents Begins to Step Up Consistently - Part 2

I wasn’t sure what to do when I noticed that Matthew’s mother seemed to be doing all the right things. I kept watching, kept waiting, and then I made a decision. It was time to give Matthew back to his family. Even though this totally tore my heart out, I spoke with his mother and [...]

When One of the Parents Begins to Step Up Consistently - Part 1

And now I am finding myself in a new position in Matthew’s life. Maybe it’s not so new as it is evolving. Matthew’s mother has been stepping up in his life consistently for almost a year now. At first it seemed superficial and I didn’t know what to make of it. But as time goes [...]

In Loco Parentis and Child Support in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the person standing in loco parentis does not have a legal financial obligation to raise that child. We are called “caretakers”. What this means is that your earnings are not calculated into the equation for determining the financial obligations of all the parties. Your financial obligation is automatically calculated at $0.00.

In Loco Parentis: Acting Parent vs. Biological Parent

It’s disturbing how easy it is to sway a child’s thoughts and understanding of their custody situation. The ideal way to approach this is to help the child understand that they are not responsible for their living arrangements because they’re not (at least not younger children. Teens may have different levels or responsibilities in their [...]

In Loco Parentis: Loving a Child Who Isn’t Yours

When a child moves in with you, it’s natural to bond because as the acting parent, you spend a lot of time doing things and caring for that child. People put your relationship into the spotlight, and you get lots of kudos from lots of folks who marvel at your ability to love a child so [...]

In Loco Parentis: When the Best Interest of the Child Conflicts With Loyalty to the Biological Parents for the Child and the Acting Parent

As the acting parent, designated by one of the biological parents (the father), I find that my loyalty to him, which was sincere, has come into sharp contract with the best interests of the child. I have also found that the child experiences many conflicts regarding his loyalty to his biological parents and me, his legal [...]

The Acting Parent: Disciplining the Child Who is Not Yours

Matthew moved in with me when he was 6 years old, just as he was entering into first grade. I knew that he had some behavioral issues before he moved in, but he’d always been very good with me for the 4 years that I’d know him prior to our new relationship.
So as you can [...]

Know Where to Jump In - Child Development: Birth to 10 Years

As non-biological parents, we are constantly reminded that we are not the natural parents. When you find yourself in the role of “acting parent”, you realize a few things fairly fast. First, you likely haven’t had the time to plan for the child’s birth, let alone raising the child.
Immediately after Matthew moved in with me, I [...]

Fighting for a Childhood

I know everyone has a different experience when raising someone else’s child, but one thing that really gets me fired up is how fast Matthew has been forced to grow up. Childhood is precious, the younger years go by so quickly, yet the effects and the memories can last a lifetime. Sometimes I feel like [...]

Get a Lawyer, BUT Do Your Own Work Too

Having the status of “acting parent” or “in loco parentis” means that you have unique parental rights compared to the majority of custody cases currently in the courts today. If you choose to fight for custody, then you are challenging the foundation and biases related to biological parental rights. In Pennsvlvania, the law stipulates that you [...]

Standing in place of the parent, or acting parent, or "in loco parentis" is a big job that comes with a unique set challenges. I created this blog to share my story and my experiences with those who find themselves in a similiar situation. I look forward to hearing your comments!

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