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In Loco Parentis: When the Best Interest of the Child Conflicts With Loyalty to the Biological Parents for the Child and the Acting Parent

As the acting parent, designated by one of the biological parents (the father), I find that my loyalty to him, which was sincere, has come into sharp contract with the best interests of the child. I have also found that the child experiences many conflicts regarding his loyalty to his biological parents and me, his legal [...]

Get a Lawyer, BUT Do Your Own Work Too

Having the status of “acting parent” or “in loco parentis” means that you have unique parental rights compared to the majority of custody cases currently in the courts today. If you choose to fight for custody, then you are challenging the foundation and biases related to biological parental rights. In Pennsvlvania, the law stipulates that you [...]

Child Custody and Rummy 500

I have found that dealing with custody issues in court is a lot like playing a good game of Rummy.
First, you get all the good cards that you can. Don’t underestimate the value of each card. Good cards aren’t just the aces and face cards, those are obvious; good cards, played correctly, can be low-point [...]

Court Ordered Mediation and Conciliation

Court ordered mediation and conciliation sessions were created to help the parents or interested parties negotiate and come to their own agreement about custody issues. There are different kinds of mediations, some are in front of a judge, and some are not.
My experience without the judge, a clerk of some type, was awful. Instead of asking if [...]

In Loco Parentis - How it Feels

Coming into the status of “in loco parentis”, as I’ve learned, is a gift and an honor.  I never knew how amazing it would be to watch a child grow up, to actually participate on a daily basis in his childhood. I constantly marvel at the little things, like the time we realized that he [...]

Standing in place of the parent, or acting parent, or "in loco parentis" is a big job that comes with a unique set challenges. I created this blog to share my story and my experiences with those who find themselves in a similiar situation. I look forward to hearing your comments!

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